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Tools for Tranformation using ancient wisdom and modern understanding

 A little bit about me.....

 I currently  live in the  beautiful Mountains of North Carolina where I focus  my time cultivating my knowledge of astrology and wisdom teachings . I incorporate living a healthy lifestyle  into my practice as this allows me to have a clear mind and bring the best information I can to my work.


The  foundation of my life  is the daily practice I hold of inner contemplation with an outer discipline of  studying techniques and researching information on how to apply astrological understanding in more and more grounded ways. This is my life  theme, and my passion to contribute this study as a service of knowledge and understanding for others when called upon. 


Ever since I can remember, astrology has been a part of my life. I don't remember a time in my life without it. My mother studied astrology and pursued it  all her life, with a passion.  I grew up around her endless piles of hand drawn charts and towers of astrology books. My first stories were  listening to the descriptions of planets, the houses, and the signs as she studied and explored astrology every day.I was fascinated by the endless mysteries of life, and It was inevitable that her love of astrology was passed on to me.


 I see clearly how my unending curiosity and passion for exploring  the endless depths of human consciousness, psychology, archetypes, symbols, philosophy, mythology, religions, and spirituality have  provided a strong foundation for my being  an astrologer, and added deeper understanding to my on-going love of astrology. 


I focused on independent studies in  consciousness and psychology during my years in college, and I received  a degree in human development with an emphasis on Jungian based psychology. I  not only wanted to understand myself, and how to thrive in life,  but to in turn be able to help others thrive and find peace in their lives.



I have studied all types of astrology, beginning with a western  background from my mother, and then diving deeply into the  Vedic astrology. In my current practice, I mainly use the Vedic techniques, with the tropical calculations, which I have found to be a profound and accurate way to use astrology. (scroll down and read about why I use the Tropical calculations with the Vedic techniques).

My life path has been focused on studying, researching, and practicing these  astrological techniques, these cycles, these elements,  in a practical and hands on approach. My goal is  to deliver information in a  grounded and comprehensible way which can help people find appropriate, comprehensive, applicable information which can lead one  towards  finding alignment and  harmony in this life.

Along with Astrology, I was introduced to the Human Design system in 2012 and discovered yet another tool for self discovery.   I began studying this alongside my on going passion with astrology, and I utilize both systems for helping my clients with finding a deeper understanding of their own unique design, life path and life purpose. I am happy to include the Human Design with my astrology for those who are interested in learning more about it and how it aligns with your path. 

In Human design, I  am the  Investigative Martyr,   I am a pure  generator with  a 1/3 profile, which means I am completely designed to seek deeply for answers and search out  a solid  foundation of  authentic truth to share with others, no matter what.  I  have the Incarnation Cross of Service, the gates 18-58 , revealing that the service I offer is  the ability to help guide others on their path of unveiling what they can work on in themselves to find peace and joy. 


I believe these wisdom systems are gifts to humanity. These  techniques  for knowing and consciousness contain amazing tools for self discovery and finding joy in this world and  provide a blueprint of potential for more self awareness, personal transformation, healing and Joy. I am happy to share them with other seekers on this journey. 



To schedule a reading with me please write to me:

Here are some of my most polpular services. 

If you have a special request that is not covered here, please email me with your question. 

I provide one on one  sessions on line, where we get to meet and connect in person and go into your charts in detail.


In Depth Vedic  Astrology Session

 This is my most popular reading.  This reading covers a multitude of vedic techniques that I use as I  research your chart before our session and share with you in a consolidated form. This reading will give you a good understanding of astrology, your own chart, and is highly recommended if you have never had an astrology reading before, or  even if you are familiar with your chart and/ or if you want to go in depth with several questions. 


This is a  one on one reading, which includes the trends of your life path, looking in-depth into your  Chart, Vargas (divisional charts), up coming transits and Dashas for timing future events.

We will also focus on your specific questions,  and go in depth into  the areas of life you want to know more about.

During this session we can also cast a horary chart for a specific question. 



During the reading reading we can  also go into specific remedial measures for any challanges which might be indicated in the chart, and how to work with your chart. These are  based on the ancient techniques and more modern applications for each planet, including gemstones, flower essences and planetary mantras to focus on specifically to your chart.


This reading will give in depth perspective and evaluation of your planets and the main areas of life indicated.


The in depth reading is about two hours in duration. 

Please read the Getting Started page down below to begin the process of scheduling a session. 



 Basic Foundation Vedic astrology Session

This reading is  an excellent  choice if you are very familiar with your chart, already had foundation readings,  on a budget, or are looking for an  affordable  basic reading  using the  Tropical-Vedic astrology techniques.


 This reading covers all the  astrology basics, looking into the trends shown in your chart, Dashas and current transits. We will also go into remedial measures and can focus on a specific question or area of life as well.

This reading is a great start if you want to  get a basic yet thorough idea of what your chart is indicating, or  going into  a specific question in depth. 


 This is also great option  if you are already  familiar with your chart, studying astrology, and want to learn more about your chart or  go over  your more advanced astrological questions with an astrologer. 


One on one zoom  session,   an hour +  in duration. 


 Pre Recorded Video session  45 minutes 125.00

Vedic Gemstone Reading

Using  and wearing Gemstones that align with the planets in our charts is an ancient practice  which comes from the  Vedic  astrological techniques.  This practice of wearing specific stones is considered a type of remediation for some of the placements of planets in our charts which can bring us challenges, enhance our inherent strengths,  and is a way to work with the planets and their frequency indicated in our charts. 


I  have been working with gemstones for the past 25 years, and offer this knowledge in a condensed form for those who would just want to know which gemstones are appropriate to wear for their personal birthchart without a full reading.

The gemstone analysis includes a list,  in order of top priority , of the five  most important planets  in your chart  to focus on bringing into balance, and the stones which would be best to wear with them 


 Human Design Reading

Human Design combines ancient wisdom teachings of the Kabbalah, The I-Ching, Astrology, and the Eastern Chakra system into a deep method of self discovery.  Discover your type, strategy, and inner authority for clearer  decision making and alignment with your true nature. 

Discover more about your own personal design and how your design speaks to your inner purpose, and true self acceptance. 

This reading can shed light on areas of yourself in a different way than astrolgoy offers at times, and adds a deep layer of understanding to any path towards self discovery. 


This reading  will give you the type of  information you will never get from just one type of system alone. The session is usually about an hour long. 

First time reading:


with a previous astrological session


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One Question Answered

 " Horary", or "Prasna" is the practice of asking a  specific question and casting an astrological chart for that  question in that moment. This is one of my favorite techniques in astrology, and has roots from ancient Persia . This is called Horary in western terminology, and “Prasna” in Vedic terminology. 

Horary offers insight into details which are not always available through the natal chart, and is an amazingly accurate technique. This is an option designed to go into your question specifically and quickly. 


This is  a great choice for a short answer to one pressing question and good if you  just want to know about one thing that’s going on in your life right now. You may have a big decision to make, and want to confirm your choice, such as buying a house, taking a new job,  getting into a relationship, moving,  investing, or even a health  question, for example.  Horary can be used  all types of questions, and I use this technique all the time! 



This service is a written answer to one question. I try to get back to you as soon as possible, depending on the nature of your question. 

Please write to me with your question before  purchase. Some questions are too involved to answer without a full reading. 



Follow up Sessions

After receiving a reading with me, you may find that  many  types of questions can arise over time.


New questions come up in our lives daily. Astrology can help with timing events, big decisions, and preparing ourselves for the constant  cycles of time.


Transits from the planets change daily, and have different effects on us during different times in our lives.

Keeping up with the cycles is an on going process which can help with making choices, finding understanding, and being prepared for each time period and its different energies.


Having follow up sessions can help utilize the wisdom of astrology in helping make decisions, timing, and planing of major events in your life. 


Stay on top of  these changes and how these energies will have an impact on you with regular follow up sessions.  

Please email me to schedule a follow up.

This session is about an hour + long


Compatability Session

This is an in depth look at the compatibility and aspects between two peoples charts.

One of the big reasons why I started studying astrology was to understand the nature of our relationships and what the stars can tell us about our connections with others, and this is a field of astrology that continues to be a passion of mine.

 This type of reading can be used for couples, parents and children, friends, bussiness partnerships, or any type of relationship you would like to understand more. 

This reading can also be used to find a good Muhurta for the timing of a marriage.


This reading  is an indepth look at two different charts  and how they combine with each other using several techniques from Vedic and Western principles, including the Kuta system of compatibility as well as synastry. Its also possible to see  and understand the connections through the Human Design , as well as the birth cards, and these  systems will get touched on during the reading as well.  


 I offer a one on one  session which runs about two hours  in duration where you can ask specific questions and go into different techniques for compatibility


I also offer a Pre recorded video reading  option,  going into the basics of your  compatibility . This can take a few days, or longer  for completion , depending on my availability  and schedule.


Vedic Gemstone Reading

Using  and wearing Gemstones that align with the planets in our charts is an ancient practice  which comes from the  Vedic  astrological techniques.  This practice of wearing specific stones is considered a type of remediation for some of the placements of planets in our charts which can bring us challenges, enhance our inherent strengths,  and is a way to work with the planets and their frequency indicated in our charts. 


I  have been working with gemstones for the past 25 years, and offer this knowledge in a condensed form for those who would just want to know which gemstones are appropriate to wear for their personal birthchart without a full reading.

The gemstone analysis includes a list,  in order of top priority , of the five  most important planets  in your chart  to focus on bringing into balance, and the stones which would be best to wear with them 

This is a written consultation listing the gemstones which are specific to your chart. Please allow up to 7 days to receive this, as I do all of these by hand, after contemplating your chart. 




Please contact me for more information about readings with me  and to schedule a session. All sessions are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time. Due to how many clients live in different time zones, I cant keep up with other time zones, so please adjust your time to EST. Please read the Getting Started Page before scheduling a session. 

Please take note I always use the Trpoical Zodiac in my readings.



"Channing, is a very detailed oriented astrologer I will not hesitate to recommend and look forward for my future readings with her. I found her analysis for the birth chart and hora questions very accurate and helpful in channeling the energies and effort in the right direction. Highly recommend her."

Divya, Sydney, Australia

"Getting my chart done by Channing was like the best therapy session I didn't know I needed. Within the first few minutes, I knew she was extremely knowledgeable and talented. She was spot on about my past, and I feel more hopeful and happy about my future. She is not only gifted, but you can tell she really loves what she does. Thank you so much Channing!"

Miranda, Chicago, Ill. USA

"Channing is a gifted and passionate astrologer. She gave information that was accessible to me in the moment and information I can look to as I further evaluate my chart. She hit things right on the nose in a way that helped to get the gears turning around some stuck places I was feeling! I would highly recommend a session with Channing if you are looking to more deeply dive into Vedic Astrology or just to learn more about who you are. She is a great guide to offer new seeds to plant in your journey to more fully being you."

Jamie,  NC, USA

" I have been consulting with Channing for over a year now. Her deep insight and advice have been very helpful. She has a wonderful way to explain how various movements in my chart are impacting my current position as well as guiding me to look at certain aspects which may yet show up. 


In addition Channing is a very wise expert and works with you so that as a client you understand how to mitigate certain feelings and how to proactively work through phases. It would be a very difficult time for me if I could not rely on her honest readings and advice.


Recently she has also started to advise on Human Design concepts which are very enlightening and I look forward to having many more insightful and helpful sessions."


Farhan, Toronto, Canada

"I am so pleased and excited about conversing and receiving the in-depth, striking and super uselful reading yesterday. Such neat things to discover & discuss! Your vault of knowledge was thoroughly impressing, with so much passion shining through! Thank you. again."

Jenn, CA, USA


Astrology is a "Prasna Deva" or a question for the Gods. When one asks for understanding from an astrological reading, many times information comes through which is very appropriate for what the client needs to hear, but not always what the client  might 'want' to hear. Astrology is mainly a tool for inner wisdom and self knowing, and prediction is secondary to these basic fundementals of astrology. 

 I am a very honest person, and I dedicate my life to studying, and I am going to tell you exactly what I see. 


To get started, I ask for your exact time, date, and location of birth, and a little bit about of what you would like to receive from an astrology session with me. Having an exact time of birth is an important piece of information for the most accurate reading.  Sometimes people do not have their exact time of birth, but do not despair, there are ways to find this out! If your not sure of your time of birth, please contact me directly and we can discuss options for rectification.

There are many topics we will discuss during a reading, but in the end, all choices and decisions that are made by the client are solely the responsibility of the client. I share what I see in the chart, but I do not give advice of what a person should do, and have no responsibility for the decisions anyone makes. Any information I give is in no way replacing any type of medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner

I like to use Zoom or Skype to meet with people because it provides a chance for us to connect in person and look over your chart together. I record the the session from my end, and send it to you  for you to download. If you are unable to use skype, we can schedule a phone consult. 

Because of the amount of work I put into your chart before we get started, I do not give refunds. I accept payment through Paypal and I send an invoice  before  I start working on your chart. 

I have found it is helpful to schedule your reading during a time where you will not be experiencing a lot of distractions, and choosing a location in a calm environment where you feel comfortable can be helpful. Some ways to prepare for a reading, so you will have more opportunity to gain the most from it, include any practice which can help facilitate a mindful state such as such as meditation, breathing exercises, mantra, or yoga before the reading is scheduled to begin.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.



Having astrology as the primary foundational belief system in my upbringing, I have had a good bit of time to contemplate and explore many of  the different schools of astrology. Inherently, I do believe they all come from a similar source, and the similarities of the different schools are unifying.


We truly do not know the origins of astrology, only that is is in almost every aspect of ancient and even modern religions, mythology, and cosmology. Astrology is an ancient science that we have lost much of, but with modern  technology such as computers, we are now able to test and apply these techniques like never before. Some of the oldest recorded instruction of astrology comes from the pre-Hindu  ancient Indian culture known as the Vedic era. 

I began my journey with study of western astrology, mainly because my mother was studying this in depth, and it was what I was familiar with. I also was introduced to Eastern Astrology, termed Vedic astrology very early as well. These  systems all use the same divisions of the zodiacs, the same signs and planets, but the  one  big difference are the methods of calculating the positions of the planets, and the signs they fall in. This is the main separation between western and eastern systems. 


The Origins of Western astrology come from the Greece, and the interactions of the Greeks with India, Persia, Egypt, and other parts of the world. Its a compilation of many different sources. One of type techniques which was carried over from these ancient sources into the modern practice of astrology in the west, is the calculation of the zodiac using the Tropical system, based on the Earths revolution around the Sun, and the Suns arc of travel through the sky from the Earths perspective. The Greeks noted the constellations as the Sun was observed, and here we get the main constellations associated with the zodiac known commonly now through the sun sign. This method of calculation is consistent with the equinoxes, and each sign stays the same throughout the year. 


During  the 1980’s,  as technology and communication progressed, my mother’s  very close friend and astrologer  began studying  the newly  translated  English versions of the Vedic Sidereal system pouring into the area from India.  One of the big differences in the Vedic techniques from the western techniques was the calculation of the chart using a Sidereal system.   The sidereal calculations are based on the fixed stars. Due to the procession of these stars and our ever moving solar system in relationship to these stars, the Sidereal system is now a 23 degree difference from the Tropical calculations. 


I was fascinated by this idea of the different zodiac system based on the stars, and watched as my mother began casting all her charts in both calculations. So, when I started exploring charts on my own, I also cast them in both systems, always contemplating the possibilities with each chart.


Over the years, I would go back and forth contemplating these two different maps. As I learned more about using transits,  I found myself more drawn to the Tropically calculated charts and their accuracy with transits were apparent.  I was also drawn to the Vedic techniques and instruction as well. These continued to fascinate me as I was determined to find the most accurate understandings of astrology. I remember telling my mother I was using the Tropical zodiac  with the Vedic chart, and she got very upset stating people don't do that and be cautious as it will possibly make some vedic practitioners angry. I don't think she knew the half of it! Apparently, the thought of merging these two sources of information was unheard of and highly frowned upon my some because of the long standing tradition and cultural practice. 


In 2010 I met Ryan Kurczak and Ernst Wilhelm who were testing, researching, and  teaching the Vedic techniques with the Tropically calculated zodiac, based on their own findings. I began to study with them and  began to work with other astrologers who are using the Tropical calculations  as well. These are some of the most dedicated and in depth group of astrologers I had ever met. Read more about the Tropical- Sidereal debate written by astrologer Ryan Kurczak on the Asheville Vedic Astrology website in the articles section:

I am always experimenting with astrological understanding, and practice it daily. It is an on going study and I will forever be a student of this field and I align with the philosophy that I will always have things to learn about astrology. There is no way I could absorb every aspect of this in one life time. I think it is important  to practice and understand the differences  of these two calculation methods through many many examples. I have found the use of tradition as the main reason the Sidereal zodiac is the one to use as a less persuasive argument around this subject than the actual results and information that I have seen from using the Tropical zodiac. It is my opinion that as astrologers we should all be open minded enough to research all the possibilities . Because of the  concrete  results I have been finding with research and within this field, I practice Vedic astrology  with the Tropical calculations.